About Us

Thai on Demand is a collaboration of three great friends, Alisa Vilasvoratarn, Krisada Fisher and Merced Ojeda.

Krisada Fisher was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, and was fortunate to be adopted by an American family. He graduated from an American high school in Stuttgart, Germany, and received his bachelor degree in Accounting from Arizona State as well as a master degree in International Management from Western International University.  He worked at Malee’s Thai on Main as the general manager for thirty years before decided to venture out on his own.

Alisa Vilasvoratarn was also born in Bangkok, Thailand, and a graduated from New York Restaurant School with a culinary degree before moved to Arizona where she worked as a chef at Malee’s Thai on Main.  Ten years later, she moved to Austin, Texas, to be with her family and opened her own Thai restaurant called Chon Som. However, after five years at Chon Som, Alisa, with her culinary passion, decided to move to Singapore and was working under Chef Mario Batali at Mozza Pizzeria until she moved back to Arizona with worldly culinary experiences in May 2017.

Merced Ojeda who was born in Salamanca, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico and migrated to the US in the early 80’s. His earlier experience prior to joining the Malee’s team under the direction of Alisa and Krisada was with Panda Express. Alisa took Merced under her wing and educated him with Thai culinary experiences. After Alisa had left Malee’s, Merced stepped up and became one of the kitchen managers working under Krisada for over ten years.

At Thai on Demand, we are proudly showcasing our roots, our love, and passion for Thai cooking by using only fresh and authentic ingredients.

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